Flat Roof Carports

  • Insulated fixed roof panels keep vehicles cool in the summer and dry in the winter.
  • Fully extruded integrated gutters keep drainage hidden.
  • Customized height to accommodate any vehicle.
  • Optional embedded LED lights illuminate the flat roof carport to prevent potential tripping hazards in the dark and ward off would-be thieves.
  • Add a solar array to the roof of the R-CAR™ to charge electric vehicles, snow mobiles, etc.
R-CAR by Azenco: custom insulated flat roof carport for two vehicles

Rain, sun and snow protection

The elegant R-CAR™ flat roof carport offers sophisticated protection for cars and recreational vehicles. Its strong and durable insulated sandwich panel roof guards against excessive sun damage, provides a dry place to enter and exit the car, and keeps snow from piling up on vehicles. Attached to a building or as a standalone carport, the R-CAR™ can be fully customized and accommodate one or two vehicles. To house a boat or RV, the support columns can be extended to make a drive-through carport.

Strong and durable aluminum construction

The R-CAR™ flat roof carport is fabricated from high-quality aluminum making it strong enough to withstand heavy snow loads, and durable enough to withstand a lifetime of winters.

The integrated aluminum gutter system channels rain and melting snow through a drain in the base of the support columns, and columns can be offset to allow easier access to the covered outdoor parking space.

High-quality powder coating

Treated with a high-quality powder coating the R-CAR™ is protected from the damaging effects of the sun, oxidation under rain conditions, and freezing temperatures during the winter.

Choose from standard or custom exterior colors to blend seamlessly with the existing architecture.

Going green with R-CAR™

The hearty engineering of the R-CAR™ allows the flat roof to support a dedicated solar array to charge electric vehicles from cars and trucks, to snowmobiles and jet skis.