Bioclimatic Louvered Pergola

  • Remote control of motorized louvers or embedded smart sensors for automatic louver actions.
  • Unique gapless roof design and dual-walled louvers for improved sealing and resistance.
  • Invisible gutter system fully extruded to eliminate leaks and capture all runoff.
  • Smart sensor control and whisper-quiet motors for noiseless operation.
  • No visible assembly hardware for perfectly clean exterior lines.
  • High-quality aluminum construction and high-quality powder coatings protect from heat, rain, snow, and ice.
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Motorized louvers, year-round outdoor living

Enjoy more of the boundless beauty of the outdoors with complete control over the sun/shade balance in any outdoor living space. With durable engineering to withstand winter snow loads, the R-BLADE™ bioclimatic louvered pergola features insulated dual-walled louvers that keep the patio cool under the sun and warm when the snow falls. A unique gapless louver design ensures every drop of rain and each melting snowflake is channeled to the R-BLADE™’s hidden internal gutter system. Fully customizable for your property, the R-BLADE™ can be fashioned as a standalone outdoor living space or seamlessly attached to an existing structure.

Most advanced bioclimatic louvered pergola

The R-BLADE™ bioclimatic louvered pergola is the most advanced four-season outdoor living structure on the market. Its adjustable louvers allow full control over the sun/shade balance on any deck, patio or pool deck. With the only gapless louvered roof on the market, the R-BLADE™ blocks the rain and prevents drips on the patio below. Its complete all-weather protection allows homeowners and businesses to confidently enjoy the outdoors in any type of weather.

Smart sensor controls

A sophisticated sensor suite autonomously tracks weather conditions to facilitate the automatic opening and closing of motorized louvers in response to changing environmental factors. Equipped with a rain sensor, the system proactively closes the louvers at the onset of precipitation. The wind sensor assesses gust conditions, automatically adjusting the louvers to mitigate potential damage from strong winds. The temperature sensor monitors for below-freezing temperatures, activating the louvers to open and prevent snow drifting accumulation on the louvered roof.

Luxurious Outdoor Amenities

Numerous optional accessories can be integrated with the R-BLADE™ bioclimatic louvered pergola to bring the comforts of indoor living to the covered patio. Multiple styles of embedded LED lights keep the fun going past sunset, integrated infrared heaters warm the patio for après ski parties, roof-mounted patio fans provide an extra breeze on warm days, motorized retractable privacy screens deploy at the touch of a button, and fixed privacy walls can provide a wind block for mountain homes.